$18/single order (48 mini, 24 small, 12 regular, or 6 jumbo)
  $35/double order (96 mini, 48 small, 24 regular, or 12 jumbo)

Chocolate Chip 

Thick, chewy brown sugar cookie with loads of semi-sweet chocolate chips

Butterscotch Chocolate Chip

Brown sugar cookie base with semi-sweet chocolate and butterscotch chips

White Chocolate Chip

For those white chocolate lovers, the brown sugar cookie base with Ghiradelli white chocolate chips


Chocolate chip cookie, hold the chocolate chips, please

Chocolate Lovers

Rich, chocolate cookie laden with semi-sweet and milk chocolate chips
*pictured on home page


Soft and chewy sugar cookie topped with coarse sugar

Lemon Sugar

A lemony take on the sugar cookie topped with coarse sugar

Strawberry Sugar

A strawberry take on the sugar cookie topped with coarse sugar

Blueberry Sugar

Blueberry flavored sugar cookie topped with coarse sugar

Raspberry Sugar

Raspberry flavored sugar cookie topped with coarse sugar


Soft and chewy cinnamon sugar cookie topped with coarse sugar and a sprinkle of cinnamon

Double Peanut Butter Chip

Peanut butter lovers rejoice! Peanut butter cookie loaded with peanut butter chips

Browned Butter M&M

Delightful cookie made with browned butter, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and M&Ms

Oatmeal Raisin

Thick, chewy, classic oatmeal cinnamon cookie filled with raisins

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip

Thick, chewy, classic oatmeal cookie packed full of milk chocolate chips

Oatmeal Cinnamon

Oatmeal raisin, sans raisins of course! (Pair with vanilla or marshmallow frosting and you have yourself a homemade oatmeal cream pie, folks!)

Brownie Crinkle

Brownie in cookie form? Yes, please! Rich, fudgy brownie masquerading as a cookie, dredged in powdered sugar.

Mocha Chip

Mocha flavored cookie loaded with dark chocolate chips


Oatmeal peanut butter cookie full of mini semi-sweet chocolate chips and mini M&Ms

Create-Your-Own Cookie

Choose your cookie base, choose your mix-ins!

Cookie base options:
     Brown sugar cookie
     Sugar cookie
     Lemon sugar cookie
     Blueberry sugar cookie
     Strawberry sugar cookie
     Raspberry sugar cookie
     Peanut butter cookie
     Chocolate cookie
     Brownie cookie
     Browned butter cookie
     Oatmeal cookie
     Oatmeal cinnamon cookie
     Oatmeal peanut butter cookie
     Mocha cookie

Mix-in options (12oz total):
     Semi-sweet chocolate chips (regular or mini)
     Milk chocolate chips
     Dark chocolate chips
     White chocolate chips
     Peanut butter chips
     Butterscotch chips
     M&Ms (regular or mini)
     Reese's Pieces
     Chopped peanut butter cups
     Chopped snickers
     Chopped chocolate bar
     Andes mints
     Chopped peanuts
     Chopped pecans
     Chopped walnuts
     Chopped macadamia nuts
     Dried cranberries
     Dried blueberries

*Don't hesitate to let us know if you'd love something in a cookie that isn't on this list!

Allergen Info

*All cookies contain egg and dairy.
*All cookies, with the exception of flourless monster cookies, contain wheat and soy.
*Double Peanut Butter Chip and Gluten-Free Monster Cookies contain peanuts.
*All items are made on and with equipment that produces a variety of items containing wheat, egg, dairy, soy, peanuts, and tree nuts.